Sunday, February 3, 2013

Product Review: Angels on Bare Skin

It's been a rough winter (compared to the last few we've had) and my skin is just not happy with this cold air. Flaky dry skin is not an attractive look so I went to pay a visit to Lush Cosmetics for a new face scrub. As I have mentioned in posts past, I do love Lush products. Not only are they made with all natural ingredients, but they really do work and the price is worth it.

I approached the sales lady and asked what she would reccommend for my combination/sensitive skin. She showed me her table of products (I love how everything smells so lovely in this store and how all the products are laid out for you to try out/test). She showed me two options:

Angels on Bare Skin and Dark Angels. Both are exfoliants, but the Dark Angels was a bit more heavy. Since my skin is sensitive I opted to go for the regular Angels on Bare Skin.

Some of the main ingredients in Angles on Bare Skin are almonds, chamolmile blue oil, lavender oil and rose absolute. It is sold in bar form where you take a pea sized amount and mix with water before applying to your face. The lady cut me off a piece of the bar and sold it to me by weight ($5 worth) which should last me at least a month or so. I wanted to test it out before buying a bigger chunk. (Another cool thing about Lush! Getting lots of samples and testers).

I used this litte miracle concoction as soon as I got home and fell in love. My skin has never felt so soft and the exfloiant really makes my skin feel nice and clean. And another bonus--it smells amazing, like a soft chamomile tea and a hint of lavender.

Already I can tell my skin is looking a lot brighter and balanced from using this amazing scrub. I highly reccommend as it is made for all skin types.


  1. I keep meaning to try this stuff!

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